The wedding ring - metaphorically binding two lovers as one; ; its perfect circle symbolising everlasting love. Your wedding rings will be your constant companions, reminding both of you of your promises to be faithful and to always be there for each other. Choosing the wedding bands is the most important, and usually the most enjoyable, part of preparing for the big day. However, it's a choice that should be taken seriously because this special symbol of love, placed on your finger by your beloved spouse on your wedding day, is going to be with you for a lifetime. The wedding rings (as well as all other rings) in our selection come in a variety of alloys, shapes and colours, all made of the highest quality materials and made to last, and be cherished, for a lifetime. You'll find all kinds of wedding rings here in our online catalogue.

    Our wedding ring range features single-coloured gold, silver, platinum and white gold rings ; titanium or stainless steel rings, and elegant wedding band compositions in bicolour or tricolour. You'll be spoiled for choice whether you're after a timeless classic ring, a simple ring or a flashy ring model. Many women's rings are set with diamonds or cubic zirconia. Our wide product range offers something for every taste. When it comes to rings - and wedding rings in particular - you should really make sure they have a good, comfortable and secure fit. After all, you're expecting to keep you wedding ring for a lifetime! We can help you get the size right. Browse around our large selection of wedding ring models. We're sure your dream wedding ring is waiting for you in our wedding ring catalogue!


    Plain wedding rings are classic wedding rings. Whether in fiery yellow gold or cool white gold, these rings are timeless and elegant. Plain wedding rings come in a variety of designs, with polished or matt surfaces, in classic or unusual designs. Many rings are decorated with sparkling crystal stones.

    By playing with different shapes and patterns there are stunning ring models among the plain rings to suit all tastes. Another advantage of plain wedding rings is that they can easily be combined with other jewellery pieces. Choose from our wide range of plain wedding rings and individualize them with a personal engraving.


    Gold is alloyed with other metals to obtain noble and elegant red gold, yellow gold, and white gold. White gold, for example, is an alloy which contains 750 thousandths of gold. White gold wedding rings are extremely popular. They are elegant, timeless and yet very modern. The surface of white gold wedding rings can be decorated with sparkling brilliants or zirconium, elegantly rounding off the design. In earlier times, nickel was often used to obtain the white colour of white gold rings.

    Nowadays, since the discovery that nickel can cause allergic reactions, nickel has been replaced by manganese or palladium. The surface of white gold rings is rhodium-plated, making it harder, more scratch resistant and giving it its distinctive shiny white appearance. In the wedding rings and engagement rings section of our online catalogue you will find a large and diverse selection of impressive rings made of white gold which captivate with their inspired designs and motifs. The exchanging of the rings is one of the most important moments on the day of the wedding, and white gold wedding rings will make that moment something very special indeed. What's more, a white gold wedding ring goes wonderfully well with a white bridal gown!


    Wedding rings yellow gold make simply perfect companions for a happy life together. The yellow gold tone is the result of the combination of three quarters gold and one quarter made up of copper and silver in approximately equal quantities. Yellow gold is very similar in colour to pure gold, making it a very popular colour for wedding rings. Yellow golden wedding rings shine wonderfully on the hand giving a touch of glamour.

    These rings are the ideal companions for married life. After the wedding, when they have taken their place on the ring finger, never again will you ever want to wear another ring. These rings are true symbols of love! Besides simple and discrete motifs, our online shop also offers slightly more extravagant yellow gold wedding rings to suit the personal taste and of extravagant newlyweds! Let yourself be inspired!


    Wedding rings red gold symbolize love and passion. A high percentage of copper mixed with the gold creates the red colouring and harden the rings. That's why wedding rings in red gold are more resistant to scratches and their surface is less susceptible to damage. Simply the perfect matching wedding rings for a long and wonderful married life.

    What's more, the matching pairs of rings impress with their breathtaking patterns and the host of different designs. Wonderful joint inlays or sparkling stones, such as brilliants or zirconium, make the rings extraordinarily eye-catching. It's precisely these features that make red golden wedding rings the perfect accessory for a white bridal gown. These rings are ideal, not only on the wedding day but also in everyday life or on special occasions.


    Multi-coloured wedding rings are truly special. They radiate elegance. The extraordinary play of colours makes multi-coloured wedding rings very special pieces of jewellery that perfectly fit the unique occasion of a wedding! The designs of the pairs of rings feature joint inlays of differing types as well as different alloys. Another beautiful detail is the sparkling diamonds or cubic zirconium set decoratively about the surface of the wedding rings.

    Different crown bows enable the wedding ring to slide smoothly over the ring finger; so comfortably you'll never want to take it off. The bond of marriage is a beautiful and sacred thing in the lives of two lovers and it deserves to be sealed with beautiful wedding rings. Apart from wedding rings, our extensive selection ranges from partner rings to engagement rings and silver rings. We have the perfect rings to complete the special moments in your life.


    A beautiful interplay of colours! Wedding rings white & yellow gold make a beautiful eye-catcher with which to adorn your ring finger. Joint inlays in different colours as well as stunning patterns make these wedding rings absolutely beautiful. Thanks to the crown bow, which varies from wedding ring to wedding ring, the ring slides smoothly over the ring finger, fitting like a glove! The design of some rings is skilfully completed by diamonds and cubic zirconium.

    The mixture of white and yellow gold is ideal for wedding rings – after all, life itself is never one dimensional. Our online catalogue offers a wide range of white and yellow gold wedding rings. In addition to the beautiful, high quality designs these rings are very reasonably priced and they will last a lifetime!


    StrongStrong, powerful, dominant and dynamic, four words which sum up the colour red. The unusual colour combination of red with white gold gives these extravagant wedding their fascinating appeal. The white gold lends the wedding rings a simplicity that perfectly complements the more powerful red gold.It seems as if the surface is in motion.

    This makes these wedding rings a beautiful piece of jewellery, not only for the wedding, but for any other occasion during your married life. Wedding rings white and red gold are also an ideal accessory for a white wedding dress. Some ring models are decorated with diamonds or zirconium, beautifully emphasizing the features.


    The tricolour wedding rings are a true explosion of colour. Breathtaking creations in a combination of noble yellow gold, fiery red gold and cool white gold which cling comfortably to your finger thanks to the crown bow. These ring models are real stunners that never cease to fascinate. The wedding rings white, yellow and red are broader and captivate with their unique interplay of colour and their high-quality processing.

    The rings are perfectly rounded off by a variety of designs and imaginative surface patterns. More sparkling highlights are set up with the addition of diamonds or cubic zirconium. If you go for the more exotic models, these are definitely the rings for you.


    If you look up the word fancy in the dictionary you'll find two important definitions. On the one hand it means "fantasy" and on the other it stands for "to like something", and that sums up our rings exactly: something that brings a little fantasy into your life and puts a smile on your face. These rings are out of this world; they are made to inspire you, the ones you love, and even the ones you really fancy!Fancy Style Rings – this category contains all our fancy and eccentric rings.

    Because of their amazing designs and their quirky, profiles these rings are in a category of their own. Many of these rings shine with a wonderful interplay of colours. Some rings even come in three different colours. They're not all round either! Some have wavy or angled profiles. Because fancy rings stand out from all the other rings they make highly individual, original, beautiful and unusual wedding rings, engagement rings and promise rings.