Bridal Set Wedding Rings

    Why struggle to pair an engagement ring and a wedding band when GLAMIRA has made a bridal set available? Two rings - a sumptuous engagement ring and a splendorous wedding band, become one, just like you have been joined as soul mates. GLAMIRA bridal set rings are here to make a bold statement that defines you with their designs, gemstones, and other gemmiferous details perfectly matched. Whether glittering with diamonds or not, the snazzy bridal sets will stay timeless and adored forever!! You can select

    diamond bridal sets

    composed of diamond solitaire or solitaire pave engagement rings and wedding bands with/without pavé set petité stones. GLAMIRA's product detail tabs on the left side of the page will guide you in choosing diamonds for your rings. Moreover, you can personalise each ring separately.
    While you can simply purchase a GLAMIRA bridal set, you have an option firing your imagination to choose a set you can partly design yourself. The engagement ring might be set with any gemstones or any alloys of your taste. For example, you can create white gold bridal sets with sapphire as the central stone. At, every matching sets feature overlapping designs to highlight the main gemstone you choose. This is a way of adding your creativity to the bridal set!