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    The advantage of GLAMIRA bangles is that you get the best quality available no matter if you are looking for gemstones, shape, or color. With GLAMIRA bangles you are able to customize the work of art around your wrist. When you design a GLAMIRA bangle you are able to add the beautiful hue of amethyst or simply accent it with diamonds, topaz, sapphire, or any other gemstones that you can think of. In addition to being able to select from a wide variety of gemstone colors you are also able to select the alloy that will bring your bangle together. Depending on your taste you might want a simple Gold Bangle or you might want something a little but different. That is not a problem if you want a white gold bangle, yellow gold bangle, rose colored bangle, or a silver bangle GLAMIRA is there for you and your imagination. GLAMIRA has made the entire process of customizing your bangle easy and simple. No matter if you are searching for a classic looking bangle or a more modern looking bangle you are able to choose. GLAMIRA knows what you want. As you make your selection of the beautiful gemstones you are able to see how those gemstones will look in your design. For example, if you love Diamonds select the diamond and see how it looks in the bangle that you have selected. In addition to selecting the stones, you have the ability to determine if you want a round or cushion shaped stones. The bottom line is if you want a unique piece of jewelry that you are able to customize to get the look that you want, then you need to see all the options that are provided by GLAMIRA.