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Jewelry is the expression of all emotions that can make you feel special. It symbolizes what you feel and what you like.So, It represents a part of personality. Therefore, choosing jewelry is an important process. Moreover, it is the cornerstone to create a unique look on every occasion for everyone who has a fashion sense.

Glamira brings spring’s bloom and joy to your life. It enables you to design and personalize your jewelry. So, it encourages you to open your mind to elegance and delicacy with its broad array of finest jewelry. You can go over a wide range of jewelry types and select the one you like most. If you are looking for jewelry for women, men or kids; come to Glamira and explore our customized designs of attractive rings, earrings, and necklaces, engraved jewelry made of yellow, rose or white gold, sterling silver and many other popular materials!

A variety of jewelry is available on Glamira and each one of them appeals to different types of budgets and tastes. Moreover, Glamira enables you to include precious stones such as sapphire, ruby, diamond and aquamarine on your jewelry. All these precious stones represent different concepts and attract different energies. Therefore, it is important to select the precious stone for your jewelry. Your personalized jewelry on Glamira will be your favorite jewels and it will be an indispensable piece of your jewel box . For instance, We are pretty sure that your diamond necklace would be the ultimate piece of your jewelry box, your attractive ring would be the expression of your love and commitment for your beloved or a pair of pearl earrings would add a stylish and unique look in any event. Therefore, as Glamira, we offer you to customize and design your own jewelry and we guarantee that the jewelry you design on Glamira will be your favorite jewels.

Customizable jewelry

Thanks to Glamira, you can design special jewels for your beloved ones and give them a meaningful gift. Personalized jewelry that can be designed with all stones ranging from the Big Four (diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire) to Swarovski and other stone, alloy or carat options will be the best present choices to be enjoyed for a lifetime. These customized jewels on Glamira will remind them of you and make them feel special. On GLAMIRA, you just imagine, and the rest is in the hands of Glamira.

When we think of jewelry, we can count numerous things such as a necklace, bracelet, rings and earrings.All these types of jewelry are available on Glamira with various options. Glamira enables you to customize all these types of jewelry based on your type. So,by adjusting all the properties of jewels on Glamira, you can get your dream jewelry. Moreover, customizing your jewelry will make you sparkle and you will get unique and exclusive jewelry that is designed only for you.

You can get customizable necklaces and pendants on Glamira. To start out, you can determine the precious stone for your necklace. Glamira provides you with various kinds of precious stones such as sapphire, opal, aquamarine, quartz and pearl. Each stone reflects and attracts a different kind of energy. Therefore, go over and examine the stones and then make your mind. After you are done with the stone part, then you may select the model of the necklace. Glamira provides you with a variety of options such as Cabochon, horoscope, fusioni plain design, chains, name & initial, ceramic necklaces. Each model has a different pattern. We are sure that you will find the one suiting your taste. So, on Glamira, you can adjust all properties of your necklace and you get your special necklace.

Earrings are among the most preferred types of jewelry. . You can combine them with your various clothes and add some sparkle to your appearance. Earrings can come in different types of styles and Glamira enables you to choose the one among various options. Earrings are small and graceful pieces of jewelry and they adorn your outfit ;therefore, it is important to carefully select your earrings. Glamira gives you the opportunity to customize your earrings. You can select the stone, size and model of your earrings. For instance, you select the model of your earrings among drops, hoop, small studs, tragus, premium and cabochon or you can select the precious stone among sapphire, ruby or quartz. So, it is possible to realize and get what you have on your mind thanks to Glamira.

Wedding & engagement rings

Rings are the most common type of jewelry and they symbolize different things. They can symbolize commitment, love,membership and different concepts. For rings, Glamira also has a lot of such models as cocktail, knuckle, plain design, initial & name. You can browse and examine all of these models and then decide on the one you like most. After you are done with the model, you can skip to the design.

Besides all jewelry, there is one that means a lot and represents a deep connection. “Wedding and Engagement Rings ”. Do you have someone special in your life and you want to take your relationship one step further ? Glamira is ready to assist you. Wedding rings symbolizes commitment and unbreakable bond between the partners; therefore, designing your own special wedding ring will resemble your unique bond with your partner. You can start your design by selecting the model of your ring. Glamira has “ classic, simple, exclıusive, vintage, twinset, ceramic gold and celtic” models that have different patterns. You can browse these models, find the one that you like most and then start to design. After you are done with the model, you should decide on the precious stone you will use in your ring. Glamira offers you a wide range of precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, quartz and emerald. Every special stone reflects and attracts different kinds of energy ; therefore, you should attentively choose the stone that will represent and empower the bond between you and your partner. After you select the precious stone, you can customize the color, carat and the cut shape of the stone. Furthermore, you can add special dates, notes or names on it to remind your beloved one of you. Wedding rings last forever as your love; therefore, you should design it with a willing effort and make it endless.

When we talk about jewelry, generally women are the first to come to mind. However, Glamira breaks that stereotype and it provides a wide range of jewelry categories for men. Men can design their rings,cufflinks, earrings and necklaces. For instance, gold chains for men are very popular jewelry for men. They can select the model and then start to design their own gold chain by adjusting properties.

As a result , jewelry enables you to adorn your outfit and express yourself. Moreover they represent your personality and what you think and what you believe. Therefore, it is important to choose the right jewelry in order to express yourself better. Glamira enables you to customize and specialize your jewelry so that your jewelry reflects you more correctly. You can design your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings however you want by selecting the model and stone. Then, you can add special dates, notes or names on your jewelry to make them more special.