Emerald (classified as precious stone) has a deep and vivid colour of green. Emerald gets its name from the French 'Esmeraude' and the Middle English word of 'Emeraude' which mean "green gem".


Emerald (classified as precious stone) has a deep and vivid colour of green. Emerald gets its name from the French ‘Esmeraude’ and the Middle English word of ‘Emeraude’ which mean “green gem”. Being the member of beryl family, Emerald takes its colour from the traces of chromium and vanadium amounts occurring during the formation of the stone. Moreover, it has birthmarks which means inclusions and surface-reaching fractures. These inclusions and its intense green colour make it unique and special. Due to its chemical structure, Emerald is a little fragile and chips easily during it is faceted. However, a special ‘Emerald Cut’ was developed to maintain the integrity of the Emerald crystal. And it became popular over the years not only for emeralds, but also for other gemstones. It refers to a typical rectangular shape with facets, so the true beauty of this gemstone is brought out. The stone is mined mostly in Columbia and Ural mountains of Russia, Zambia, India, Madagascar, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia and United States Of America.
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Emerald with its beauty, its deep green hue is a one of the most special gemstones in the world and has been a coveted jewel for ages. Its beauty was celebrated in so many stories, myths and legends. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, is known with her deep and addictive admiration for the Emerald. It is also associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of Love since ancient Romans believed that the Emerald embodied all her qualities; beauty, fertility and goodness. This May birthstone also symbolize renewal of life and eternal spring.
Since color, cut, and clarity can all affect an emerald's value, Glamira selects the ones with high quality. You can find emeralds in any shape and carat at Glamira to adorn your selected jewelry.
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While some emeralds may have a yellow-green tint, Glamira prefers the ones with little tints or without tints. Because the most valuable emeralds are the ones without tints and as pure green as possible. Glamira produces emerald jewellery by choosing the ones with a richer saturation which means more brilliance and better light. Not only earrings, necklaces, bangles and emerald rings for women, but also rings and cufflinks for men are offered in Glamira collections. You should firstly decide your alloy you will combine with emerald, then you decide on an appropriate carat weight and finally you can match the emerald with petité set gemstones like diamond, sapphire. By using this way, you can create your own jewelry; a pair of emerald earrings or a solitaire pendant. With one chosen among emerald engagement rings, you can give the sparkling green of Spring and the balefire of hope for a life full of love to the most special woman in your heart. It is you who will give the meaning to that combination of the brilliant colour of emerald and Glamira designs.
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